Life of Being an Entrepreneur

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Becoming an Entrepreneur is easy but becoming a successful entrepreneur is not as easy you are thinking…. Huh.. As my Personal Experience I would like to tell you how I passed my days of becoming a Successful Entrepreneur. It was not quite an easy task to me as I didn’t have the knowledge about what to do and how to do… uhh..  I Hustled and failed a lot of times…  then I tried again, and again and… If you are solely interested to become an entrepreneur , reading this story may help you..

A lot of people nowadays seems not satisfied with their jobs…. Most often they face their bosses are too much professional minded and doesn’t have any consideration towards employers personal life or happiness. More of that, doing a 9 to 5 office hour routinely , sometimes cause boringness and people then want to turn over a different something better than job… Such a regular work hour, not much salary, fed up with life having no freedom etc. etc. open the view point to one comes to become an Entrepreneur..

I was a man who used to play games a lot and there’s a guitar of my own…. I had no income of myself… I used to take money from my father to buy guitar strings and other necessaries…. When I went to a local guitar shop, most often I was not satisfied with their behavior and their products… and it was not the fact that I went only one shop again and again… Once I found that without Some brands products they had no idea of the other products…  what is perfect for a Gibson guitar may not perfect for a schecter guitar…For This simple basic knowledge most often they were losing their customers… I also didn’t Find the various picks there… All were trying to attract their customers with the same Products but a variation in color and costs… uhhh… This was really astonishing to me when I didn’t find the picks of Dunlop Tortex 2.0mm … Not a single shop…  I was really hopeless of being such a living area… I gave up… no, not that u r thinking…  I gave up going these shops… Now The journey Of my Shop has began… huh.. I had to take that money from loan as I had not enough and my parents too..

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From the very beginning, I Followed Some Basic steps Of being a successful entrepreneur with my Shop… I will say about what I Followed -

Tenacity and Risk Tolerance : If you wanna be an entrepreneur you must have the power to maintain your tenacity and must set your mind that you may face loss… Doesn’t matter if you fail at beginning… just have patience and make new way to overcome the problems. At First truly saying , I faced loss.. hah hah.. But I Find the way myself to get back in track.

Creativity and Intuition: You need to be more creative than your competitors for such businesses or other entrepreneurial facts.  You have to find out the lacking of others around you and be intuitively faces those.. Try to bring the creativity that is in you.. As I Found the lacking of others, I took their lacking or weaknesses as my strengths and that’s why I have earned much more money.

Never Stop Taking Risks:  Please, Never be upset man, never give up and never stop taking risk if u really want to be an entrepreneur..  You know about Jack Ma? He failed many times in his first life but he has the courage and he showed that by “Alibaba” his Successful creation. He Is now a billionaire… So don’t lose hope… I also followed it.

Use Your Constraints:  Try to find out your constraints towards your work. Find out the limitations and the weaknesses and try to recover.

Listen To Your Customers: Remember one thing, Customers are everything to a business.. whatever the business is , you are sitting for what? To earn customer satisfaction and to get more money by selling your products to your customer in return of customer satisfaction… isn’t it? If anyone is not interested in you and your product, why you are sitting? Go and sleep. Try to behave well and earn customer's mind and try to find out what they want, how the want, when they want and for why they want…? If you can find these questions and you then take steps, will surely do well. I swear. You will be a billionaire… Unlike me but like others… heh heh..

Entrepreneurship is a long paths, You have to be hunger for success ,for money, for settled your name. And surely it’s the toughest but the easiest way as I think and believe…. Cause I’m a Billionaire to… huh.

Hope You enjoy… Try to Follow man… Cheers!!


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