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The Origin of Malay Language

Students of history recommend Bahasa Malay is an individual from the Austronesian language family. The segment is important for a phylum of the Austronesian dialects which, along with the Tibet-China language family, began from Yunnan. By and large, the principal group of the Austronesian public was the "Proto-Malays" or Old Malays who moved to the Archipelago of Malayasia in a long series of relocations around the year 2500 to 1500 BC. The Proto-Malays lived by the ocean and junctures of streams. They are the predecessors of the Malays in present day Malaysia and Indonesia. The second group of the Austronesian gathering was the "Deutero-Malays". The Deutero-Malays pushed the local Proto-Malay gatherings inland in a moment wave of movement during the Iron Age around 300 BC. Since the Waterway of Malacca was the ocean course, the Malay language spread by means of sailors all through the Indonesian islands and different areas. The language of the Austronesians in the