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ATTENTION Employees!!!

Since the employee and the employer's relationship has become like a boss and a laborer, as an employee, you should keep something in your mind. Attention employees! Bosses and leaders are not the same. A boss dominates the employees with his power and he gives instructions. A leader works with the employees and employees get motivated to work more. Every employee doesn't get motivated by remuneration. Bonus cannot be a good point all the time. If you are an employer, be in employee's shoe to know what he wants.  Employees have training periods, probationary periods and then his job is permanent. Make sure you read all the terms carefully before signing it. Many companies want to hold employee's certificates which is totally prohibited.  Employers will always try to get the best possible out of any employees either by pressure or being generous. Employees have to make sure that their work is not going to the vein. Some companies write a book while the