How Entrepreneurship Lead me to Workaholism

Taking financial risks, hoping to have a profit by business is the startup of Entrepreneur. The steps taken by an Entrepreneur has to risky but almost all the time, the  result is fruitful.


My friends have told me that I don’t spend time with them, I missed most of my friend’s birthdays in 2016. I’m trying to analyse what happen to me…
When someone enjoys doing his tasks, it’s workaholism. But again it may also imply when he simply feels compelled to do it. Even it changes individual's behavior and subsequently character when the feeling function no longer informs judgment. It often leads to family break-up.

A lot people want to become entrepreneur but few are really willing to put the work. I believe that there are two types of Entrepreneurs. The ones who has Entrepreneurship in their blood, really determined. And the other ones who wants to be an Entrepreneur when they have no other way like no job or losing of job. I fall into second category. When I immigrated to Canada back in 2013, I thought do do something of my own. I wanted to be an Entrepreneur. Even I didn’t have any clear idea what I want to do. I saw about Entrepreneurship in TV programmes and etc. As other Canadian simple citizens, I also thought that I can speak French, Canada needs me. And that was the most funny thing that I found later on.

The Canadian Experience says no matter how qualified or experienced I am, I must have to have at least 5 to 10 years experience in Canada. I was lucky enough that I got my first job by 3 weeks after arriving in Canada, but in most cases like my other friends, they got their jobs after 6 to 8 months. And the reason behind not getting a job of immigrants is the lack of Canadian experience. Though everyone tries hard, but they need to understand what is meant by Canadian Experience.

As it’s supposedly easy to find a job, is also super easy for employers to dismiss you anytime. They got the power like; if you’re late there will be no payment, if you’re guilty, they can claim legally too. I had to do two jobs in the first year in Canada as I lost first one very soon. I remember how inhumanly my employer behaved when I was wrong in something or couldn’t understand what to do. Even the native slangs weren’t easy for me to digest. One day she acted to stay away of me as I had the plague.

This is why I started Entrepreneurship. I had no jobs, so no more work visa. The main obstacle that I faced was my family members. They didn’t understand what I intended to do. They indirectly opposed me. They wanted me to work, to find a new job and move on. Even I didn’t have enough money to send to my family after surviving. I earned comparatively less than what I used to do. There wasn’t a title of mine. I was just an Janitor. As I had a lots of time, I created my own blogs, articles and I started watching online videos in YouTube and other social media. Frustration given by customers is really beyond patience. Whatever I did, I did for the customers. And when they are not satisfied, I found myself the most lonely and undone person. Eventually I tried to overcome that situation and was successful a little bit.

The main thing to be an Entrepreneur is to remember that you’ll fail, fail and fail. But we have to stick on it, success success won’t come without failing.

Written by Sagor S. Costa


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