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African indigenous languages are mostly same as to write and to pronounce. Like the other languages one of the renowned language is Bambara, also known as Bamana language.  Bambara is a Mande language, spoken principally among the Bambara ethnic group in Mali. Though it is the national language of Mali but it is also used in Senegal, Gambia, Sierra Leone and Ghana. East, North and south Bamanako regions are considered to be historical geographical origin of Bambara where Segou-  a town and an urban commune in south central mali that was the capital of Bambara  empire was set.
As far I know, about 15 million people speaks in Bambara. Having a rich oral literature, writing was first introduced to the Bambara during French occupation. Along with some Arabic and N’ko alphabets, Bambara is usually written with the Latin alphabets. Surprisingly, 80 percent people of Mali speaks through it.
It has seven vowels. Three of them are like ‘a’ ‘e’ ‘o’. As I have no keyboard of Bambara Language, I can’t write the other. There are long vowels like ‘aa’ ‘ee’ ‘oo’ and also nasal vowels like, ‘an’ ‘en’ ‘on’. You may say, ‘a yafa n ma’ for forgiveness.

Learning Bambara in your phone
Linguarena: Give linguarena Bambara a try, it is free totally. Its text have been written by a Bambara teacher. So you can easily learn Bambara if you install this android apps on your phone.
English Bambara Dictionary for Android: You can find out word meanings from this app.

Polyglotte: An android apps for learning different languages especially African languages. Mobile books, wallet, shopping etc. can be found here.
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Reading Books in Bambara
You can also learn Bambara language by reading books on literature and dictionary of this language. Here are some Links that will help you to find books and dictionaries.
Bambara Directory: You will find Bambara phrasebooks, Course and lessons for travel on Bambara etc. through this.
English – Bambara: A dictionary where you will find Bambara words and phrases and their meanings in English. You will find basic Words here.
Lexique Pro: If you use this program, you can look at the Bambara lexicon on your computer while not connected with internet. So it’s really a helpful program for learning Bambara.

Bambara TV Show
TV shows are not only a source of relaxation but also a source of improve our listening skills.
ORTM Live: It is known as the Office of Radio and Television Of Mali. It’s the national broadcaster of Mali.

Listening Music in Bambara
You may improve both listening and speaking ability by listening music.
Bambara – Music: You can hear songs of Bambara singers from this site. You can buy albums too.
Mali: Musique Bambara du Baninko: A software from Microsoft where you may buy and listen music of various Bambara artists.
Nursery Rhyme in Bambara language: A site where you will be able to listen and download different rhymes of Bambara language.;_ylt=A0SO8zw5U5xYnn4A3sZXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTByNWU4cGh1BGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?p=Nursery+rhyme+in+Bambara+language&fr=tightropetb

Academic Study in Bambara
Spelman College: If you want to learn by your own effort, check out this biography. Spelman College is giving this opportunity.
Academic Study Abroad (ASA): Its meaningful, fun study will help you to have a course on Bambara language abroad.
Barnard College: Giving you the opportunity to have scholarship on study in different language program.

Bambara on Youtube
Language Beat: A Youtube channel of learning Bambara.
Bambara Unit 2: A Youtube Bambara learning lesson.
Bambara Cartoon: A cartoon channel for learning Bambara.
Resources in French-Bambara
If you are a french people and want to learn Bambara, you can also try this. you will find French meaning of Bambara words.

Learning a language is not so tough you are thinking, but the benefit you will get is much more better. These are all resources from me. You have to give proper time as learning a new Language is not very easy.
All the best for your Journey to learn Bambara.
i ni ce.


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